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Effective May 25, 2018: Citi Advisors will not accept any commercial loan, hard money inquiries, underwriting & processing services, business consulting, or any real estate inquiry.
This Division is closed.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Credit Tenant lease  75-95% Financing 
Renewable Energy & Oil and Gas
Agriculture Loan

Our private capital advisors offering debt and equity financing / funding biodiesel and ethanol plant projects.  

Oil and Gas funding solution

CITI provides access to a wide range of financial solutions designed to service the oil & natural gas, energy, infrastructure and natural resources sectors. In addition to our joint venture programs we can also provide loans/debt financing or lines of credit to quickly take advantage of acquisition opportunities or refinance existing debt.

Credit Tenant Lease

Credit Tenant Lease, or CTL, financing enables borrowers seeking up to 90% financing for single-tenant properties that are net leased to investment grade tenants.
The underlying credit and the ability for the tenant to pay rent are the underwriting criteria.

Renewable Energy Loans

Capitalizing on specialized financing for funding renewable green energy development projects helps to conserve as well as reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Since these technologies do not emit hazardous greenhouse gasses, they also help protect our earth's threatened environment. 



Co-op underlying mortgages have always been a specialty of our firm, and it is not unusual for us to attend one or more co-op board meetings per week in order to provide advice to co-op boards and brainstorm with board members, discussing the pros and cons of different approaches to consider in refinancing the co-op's underlying mortgage and credit lines.
Our approach is to engage in consultation and advice first, helping a co-op board to evaluate whether or not it makes sense to consider refinancing, and if so, to then help them to navigate towards the best possible option to meet their current and future needs.


Our partner recently collaborated and closed a $28,000,000, 3.25% 10-year, interest-only underlying mortgage for a 171-unit, 32-story cooperative in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Our loan will provide more than $6 million of surplus proceeds for much-needed repairs and capital improvements. The loan is being placed with a balance sheet lender that will not securitize the loan. The prepayment penalty on the new loan will be based on a simple, step down formula as follows: 5%, 5%, 4%, 4%, 3%, 3%, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1%.


We are your structured finance specialists! CITI Advisors and its direct partner has taken the lead in structured finance for "transitional" properties where a temporary interruption of cash flow may be required for an Owner/Developer to add value by renovating, combining units, adding floors, etc. 

Depending on factors ranging from the loan-to-value ratio to a developer's financial strength and track record, these "single closing" bridge loan/renovation loan/permanent loan transactions may require a combination of institutional and private lending sources in order to achieve the best results. In many cases structured finance transactions may also include a layer of mezzanine financing and/or preferred equity. ref: winter/sf


Quite often, a Borrower may find that their existing first mortgage has a yield maintenance prepayment penalty that effectively prevents refinancing, and that the first mortgage Lender will not allow a second mortgage. In this situation a mezzanine loan can free up trapped equity allowing the Borrower to leverage their assets and take advantage of attractive business opportunities.

Alternatively, if a Borrower is seeking higher leverage for an acquisition than a bank or conduit Lender is comfortable with, the answer may be a lower loan-to-value institutional first mortgage in conjunction with a Mezzanine loan. We can structure both parts of a bank/mezzanine loan, including negotiating the terms of the intercreditor agreement. Our Direct Private Lending affiliate, CITI ADVISORS, regularly works in tandem with our institutional Lenders. ref:winter/mezz


From credit tenant triple-net-leased properties to single, non-credit tenant "big box" properties, we have financed net-leased properties at both ends of the spectrum. 

Long-term, fully-amortizing loans that mirror the lease terms are possible, frequently with no points payable to the Lender. Often, people purchasing net-leased properties are involved in a 1031 tax-free exchange, and are under tight time constraints. We are very familiar with the time pressures that are impose, let CITI Advisors arrange financing for tenant loans.
Oil and Gas sectors served

As a multi-faceted financial conultant, and loan placement firm we have the ability to arrange financing in all sectors of the oil & gas industry from the large oil producer, to the smaller independent operator, to refinery operators, transportation companies, to even the retail gas station/c-store owner and all other real estate holdings of oil & gas companies.

Oil & Gas Sectors Served:

Reserve- based oil drilling
Oil Sands and Oil Shale projects
Gathering Processing & distribution
Refining & distribution systems
Pipelines, related infrastructure, including compression Storage
Liquefied Natural Gas
Oilfield equipment & services
Petroleum distribution and Transportation
Retail Gas Station and C-Store Real Estate
Transaction Types:
Horizontal / Vertical Drilling & Fracking Joint Ventures
Project and acquisition joint ventures
Senior loans, term and revolving
Oil Reserve-based credit facilities
Initial financings to begin drilling or recapitalizations
Growth capital
Financing for oil company real estate holdings
Biodiesel / Ethanol Plant Projects

A wide variety of feedstocks are available to producers of biofuels today. Plants that can process numerous feedstocks are the most versatile and profitable. This is important when pursuing funding for financing biodiesel and ethanol plant projects. MFI / Epic offers expertise in biofuels with appropriate partners needed to facilitate rapid funding for the financing of biodiesel and ethanol plant development projects. 
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Agricultural Loans for Farmers and Agri Farming Businesses

The farming industry is the foundation of the American food production system. That is why access to capital is so important for not only farmers, but everyone; a robust agriculture system can improve the quality of life for so many people. Agriculture loans ensure that we have plenty of family farms, ranches, cooperatives and agri farming businesses to produce the milk, beef, oranges, wheat, potatoes, corn and other crops that sustain life.
If you are looking for additional capital for your farming business, CITI Advisors can help. We are network of lenders and investors that use an efficient application process to get you funded quickly, with the most competitive rates and flexible terms in the industry. To apply, fill out the form to the right and a representative will contact you to discuss your options.
  • Bad credit loans are available from some alternative lenders.
  • The New Immigrant Farm Program (NIFP) can assist with direct farm ownership.
  • Agri finance can appeal to investors who recognize the importance of having housing, land and productive systems all in one place.
  • Farm financing agreements can be used to diversify investment portfolios.

Our direct affiliate Investor standing at the top of the commercial mortgage industry, CITI Advisors has assisted residential subdivision developers and investors around the nation obtain hard money financing for the building of single family residential homes, as well as residential land acquisition and development financing. We have the experience and knowledge required to find the best hard money subdivision financing and offer loan amounts starting at $1 million to $50 million.
Casino & Resort Financing
As you probably know, casinos and resorts require a great deal of capital to run smoothly. You will need a venue that catches the eye of potential customers in the area. Maybe you need to renovate to achieve this goal. Or maybe you need to purchase equipment such as slot machines, game tables, employee break furniture, bulletproof casino cage glass, room & pool amenities, and more. Loan from $1 million, rate as low as 5.99%. fast funding
Our tenure in the industry allows us to offer specialized loan programs to cater to all of our clients, with loan amounts ranging from $1 million to $50 million. Hard money raw land financing is financing for unimproved real property, which can range from lots to large acreage. In most cases, raw land is valued at a 90 day quick sale price to determine the loan to value ratios. Up to 60% on land loan and 100% on development loans, rate as low as 7.99% and flexible terms.  
Warehouse Lending, Self Storage Financing & Mortgage Loans
Warehouse and self-storage buildings store valuable inventory, merchandise and collectibles. One busy warehouse may be continually fulfilling online orders while another warehouse may be primarily used for construction material storage. Self storage units have become increasingly popular and are even used for running small businesses. Regardless of your situation, a loan might be necessary. The Halo Capital Group can help you with this process.