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Effective May 25, 2018: Citi Advisors will not accept any commercial loan, hard money inquiries, underwriting & processing services, business consulting, or any real estate inquiry.
This Division is closed.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Joint Venture solution

No two projects are the same; therefore, every loan has its own unique structure. At Progress, we strive to arrange a construction loan that is tailored to each client’s holding period and exit strategy.   


Looking for funding for a complex non-traditional project? To make a large expansion investment that requires major project financing? Do you need $20M-$500M in funding or investment capital?

  • Backing of up to 100% of Project Costs
  • 30 years of professional expertise
  • Project financing package specific to your business needs
  • No Repayments required until project successfully begins


    CITI advisors growth capital model which is also called expansion capital and growth equity, is a unique asset class of its own. Unlike typical later venture capital type models growth capital has out performed the venture capital asset class for a while. Growth capital belongs to the private equity investment family, investing into relatively mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition.


    We also have vast resources obtained through long established partnerships with $500 million in capital and capital commitments and access to virtually unlimited funding through our partner network. This unique combination gives us the ability to provide direct business funding, as well as funding through issuance of corporate bonds, for your energy project. With over $500 million in capital and capital commitments at our disposal for specialty financing and access to practically infinite capital, we can fund even your largest energy
    80-100% FUNDING (MIN: $10 MILLION)
    Qualifying Projects (80-100% financing): acquisitions, start
    ups, company expansions, mergers, new cash infusion, partner
    buyouts, operating funds, inventions, research and
    development (R&D), bailing out companies in trouble, real
    estate developments, hotels, resorts, apartment buildings,
    office buildings, mining projects, gas, energy, casinos, 5-Star
    Mobile Home Parks (more list below)...FICO IS NOT AN ISSUE.
    We accept and will consider ANY PROJECTS, and welcome
    (Due to the lender backing out of their commitments).
    Loan amount from $10,000,000 to $500,000,000​​
    Why Joint Venture

    Joint venture capital lending helps businesses successfully form partnership by providing the necessary funding. With Aurelian Lending, you get the flexibility you need to structure your loan in the most advantageous way for your company. The capital structure of a joint venture can vary depending on the purpose of the strategic alliance and the nature of each entity comprising the partnership.The success of a strategic alliance would often depend upon a highly skilled management team, considerable growth potential, huge earning capacity, the ability to add value, and a well-defined exit strategy. Joint ventures are only as strong as the businesses that make up the partnership. 
    Commercial Equity-Debt-Venture capital Solution

    Every project is different, which is why we cater every financing plan to the individual company and venture. In order to successfully fund your project, we will conduct a thorough analysis and weigh a number of items:
    Your assets
    Your level of experience with the project
    Projections for the venture
    Other factors that uniquely pertain to your project
    Through taking these items into account, we can develop a plan that best serves your project and your company.. 
    A Number of Options
    We have a large funding capacity in addition to different types of financing for you to choose from, including:
    Equity financing
    Debt financing
    Venture capital
    CITI's vast resources for joint venture capital lending and extensive experience in building successful multimillion dollar international funding, you get the support you need to create successful partnerships with other companies. Let Citi Advisors review your project and provide you access to the in-depth knowledge of seasoned business professionals who have owned and operated successful multi-national companies that span across industries. 

    Through our financing services, we can help you create a powerful business partnership so your company can achieve unprecedented growth. With over $500 million in capital and capital commitments in private funding and virtually limitless access to capital, CITI's corporate loan advisors are in the unique position to provide joint venture capital lending for your project, regardless of how large the scope and requirements. 
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    Explore Now
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    Solar & Wind 
    Oil and Gas wells

    Conduit Warehouse Building Loan Program Overview

    Regardless of your area of expertise, we provide professional advise, underwriting, processing and  loan placement for tougher transactions that fail to qualify for the traditional bank financing.

    Our NETWORK DirectFunding is available for:

    • Asset based-loans
    • Large Construction Projects
    • Corporate expansion loans
    • Real estate projects
    • Large alternative energy projects
    • Large real estate development projects
    For large developments in:
    Agro-industry, Water production, Ports and Airports
    Fossil fuels, Energy projects ( such as wind, solar, hydro), Mining
    Telecommunications, Roads, Hotels, Sky Scrapers, Office Complex, Large Real Estate Projects and much more
    Depending on your specific business needs, we have the solution that works for you with rates and terms that make sense for your business.
                                                                   Conduit Warehouse Loan Program Guidelines

    Eligible Properties                             Warehouse, light industrial, mixed, storage, packaging, research, manufacturing, and other similarly zoned property                                                                             types.
    Loan Size Minimum loan size       $2,000,000.Warehouse loan and industrial loan sizes under $2,000,000 are available under the small balance                                                                                         commercial loan program.
    Pricing                                                       Tiered pricing based on LTV and DSCR.
                                                                           180 BPS above comparable "on the run" Treasury rates.
                                                                           Rate buy downs are available.
    Locations                                                 Major markets preferred. Secondary and tertiary markets considered on a deal by deal basis assuming strong asset                                                                             quality and sponsorship.
    Programs                                                 5, 7, and 10 year fixed rate terms (balloon at end of fixed term).
                                                                           25 and 30 year amortizations.
    Prepayment                                           Defeasance or yield maintenance.
    Personal Guarantee                          Non-recourse subject to standard carveouts.
    Minimum DSCR                                  1.25-1.35.
    Loan-to-Value                                      Maximum of 80%.
    Rate Lock At commitment.          30-day forward lock available with U/W approval.
    Occupancy Requirements            Stabilized properties where tenant mix should be of strong quality as determined by stability of business and                                                                                           financial condition. Prefer rent roll with staggered expirations. Leases should be representative of the market.
    NOI Analysis                                         Three years of operating statements are required with preference towards triple net leases. Lease expiration should                                                                           be smooth with annual lease expirations in any given year to not fall below a 1.0x DSCR.
                                                                           Impounds Taxes, insurance, tenant improvements, replacement reserves, 125% of cost for needed repairs.
    Preliminary Submission                  Package for a Conduit Apartment Loan Include the following in your request for a conduit apartment loan quote:
                                                                           Property description and location map.
                                                                           Representative color photographs.
                                                                           Current rent roll and year-to-date operating statement.
                                                                          Operating history - prior 2 years, if available.
                                                                           Current year operating budget.
                                                                          Existing debt and cost basis.
                                                                          Sponsor resume.
      Conduit warehouse and industrial loan program underwriting guidelines are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute, or should not be interpreted, to be an offer to make a loan, a loan approval, or any other language that implies that by meeting these basic requirements CITI Advisors Partners will provide borrower with a loan under these terms.